5 KPOP Comebacks to look forward to this August

5 KPOP Comebacks to look forward to this August

The hallyu wave has no plans of slowing down this year! As we enter the second half of 2021, more and more KPop groups are announcing plans to release new music and activities. Here are some Kpop groups to look forward to next month!

Golden Child (August 2)

Looks like Golden Child is coming back this year with a full-length album! This will be their second album entitled ‘GAME CHANGER’! Based on the teasers they’ve dropped so far, this album is going to be a banger.

ASTRO (August 2)

AROHAs rejoice! The content keeps on coming from Astro as they announce their 2nd album release this year. This time it’s a mini-album entitled ‘Switch On’ and the teasers are truly a sight to behold. The album drops at 6PM KST this August 2nd!

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BLACKPINK (August 3)

Japanese releases are always a fun comeback to anticipate as we get to see another side of a KPop group that caters to a more Japanese audience. This time around we’re getting BLACKPINK’s first ever full length Japanese album! There will be Japanese versions of their existing songs such as ‘Lovesick Girls’, ‘Pretty Savage’, and ‘How You Like That’.


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Sunmi (August 6)

KPop’s reigning queen is back at it with another mini-album! Her second release this year, Sunmi is coming back with her third mini-album entitled ‘⅙’. Sunmi’s teaser photo looks absolutely ethereal and we can’t wait to listen to her next comeback!

TXT (August 17)

We mentioned this before, but it looks like the rumors of TXT’s swift comeback are true as they announced their comeback with a repackaged album entitled ‘The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape’ only 3 months after the release of their last album. Not that we’re complaining!


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And while we haven’t received official word yet, it seems that the next comebacks on our radar are coming from none other than Red Velvet and Stray Kids!

Reveluvs received crumbs from SM Entertainment regarding preparations for a new album from the 5-member group, a welcome return for the group as their last release was almost 18 months ago with their last album ‘The ReVe Festival: Finale’.

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Stray Kids is also dropping news on STAYs as JYP Entertainment releases information about the members working on new music for an album slated for release in late August. This comes in line with their Kingdom TV content, a prize for winning the reality competition program ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ last year.

We can’t wait for the new releases!