Vince Igno

Meet Link-Up Productions Vincent Igno!

Meet Link-Up Productions Vincent Igno!

Vincent Igno is no stranger to the Philippine K-Community. One may have heard of Vincent through his various achievements performing dance covers as part of the group, ‘SHINERS’, a multi-awarded group that placed grand champion 12 times at Kpop Dance Competitions. One highlight of the group’s career was the honor of being the Philippine Representative for the 2013 KPOP Dance Cover Festival that was held in Seoul and GyeonJu, South Korea.

What’s been keeping Vincent busy these days is his brainchild, Link-Up Productions. Link-Up Productions is the materialization of Vincent Igno’s vision- to create high-quality events for Kpop fans and Korea culture enthusiasts. This vision was crafted and curated by his experiences as a performer, both locally and internationally, and as an avid participant in Kpop events. Vincent recognized the demand for quality events within the KPop community, thus, he undertook the mission to reform and improve the local Kpop events scene. In 2014, Kpop Coalesce took place and instantly became a huge success.


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