K-Pop Dance Workshops with Vincent Igno (1-Month Pass)


Want to dance just like your favorite K-Pop artists or get extra fit and healthy Hallyu-style! Vince Igno and his team at Link Up Productions is here to get you into the K-Groove at Fanlife! 

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About Vince Igno:
Vincent Igno is a well-rounded artist who not only excels onstage as a host and performer, but also offstage as a choreographer and managing director for events. He is one of the founders of Comone Ground- De La Salle Taft -based dance team. He is also a former member of the prominent dance management G-Force, who performs in TV shows, concerts and other special events in Metro Manila. Currently, he is part of the #VinSuriChan trio with Phoi Chan and Dasuri Choi - performers who graced the stage on numerous occasions as opening acts for international K-pop personalities who visited the Philippines. He has also choreographed for big celebrities like Marian Rivera, Sarah Geronimo and other well-respected artists for concerts and variety shows. 

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